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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Microsoft's Multi-Touch 'Surface' Table..... Hmmm....

Latest device from Microsoft.

It may look like an old barroom Pac-Man machine, but Microsoft's Surface is the company's first product to make use of a new interface technology the firm calls "surface computing.- pc world

If you want a better way to order room service. A virtual concierge app gives you a new way to browse through menu items at a hotel.

I think this is one of the superb innovation made by Microsoft. Leading the market with new fresh
picture source:

device, beating the Apple's mac air book.

Just imagine, view your picture and listen to music using a table like this... Now your kids can draw whatever they like on the table and you can easily delete it.

I wonder if this can be turn into a coffee table. Hmmm :)
The fact that this item will be sold in Malaysia.... I guess.. let see how the marketing of the iPhone first... haha...

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